The 'connections' were clear in Post's thrilling score...Post has created a breathaking musical joy ride” - Philip Campbell

Bay Area Reporter

The intermixing of classical music (shades of Bach!) and ragtime music made for such a joyous and euphoric musical memory that I wish it would linger in my mind and heart forever.” - David Friscic

DC Theater Arts

Incredibly gifted.” - ReneĆ© Fleming

introduction speech at the Kennedy Center

Sam Post is an acclaimed pianist and composer with hundreds of works to his name that combine his deep knowledge of Bach and counterpoint with his adventurous exploration of contemporary rhythms and syncopation. His chamber symphony was commissioned and premiered by the San Francisco Symphony after a referral from Yo-Yo Ma. He is the only five-time prizewinner in the history of the Fidelio Composition Competition for piano, out of thousands of participants from over 30 countries. He has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, with artists such as Yo-Yo Ma and ReneƩ Fleming. He is a co-founder of Kassia Music in the DC area, and is on the faculty at Levine Music.

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